Rabu, 27 Januari 2016


Everyday I'm kinda stuck in this "choice" thing. It seems just a trivial matter. The choice is about which route should I take to go home? For me, it's not a trivial matter. Why? Let me tell you the background story.

In some previous posts, I think I've told you that I have a new job in a consultant. The office located in Ampera Street. This is not a very well known street, so that I just tell everyone that asks that I work in Pejaten. The first route that I took to reach this place is via commuter line to Pasar Minggu Station and then ride the public transportation car no. 36 to Ampera Street. It feels so far from home. It takes 2 hours to go to the office and 2.5 - 3 hours to go back home!! It seriously drives me crazy!! Believes it or not, this route even makes my emotion unstable in the first month of working! Like I've spend too much time on the road!

Finally several months later, actually when I got back after my training in Yogyakarta, my coworker who lived in Parungpanjang found another route. And thanks God, IT IS faster than the first route. This second route is also via commuter line to Kebayoran Station, and then walk to the end of fly over from Ciledug and ride the 614 Kopaja to Ampera Street. This second route can save time about 30 minutes. And I think it's awesome! This become my favourite route! However, there are weaknesses like the waiting time until 614 appeared is almost an hour at it worst! I'm so lucky when I just need to wait for 5 minutes. The average waiting time is about 15 - 20 minutes. The other weakness is that the route pass some traffic points and it's getting worst everyday. But the riding time is so fast when there are no traffics. That's why I love it.

Those are the brief explanations about the routes I need to choose. When I go to work, I always take the second route. But, when it's time to go back from work, these choices are haunting me. Which route should I take so that I could arrived earlier? Usually I take the second route, but when the traffics are so heavy. It also drives me crazy. I regret and it feels like "I should have take the first route". But now I'm writing this post because I regret taking the first choice and I feel that I should have took the second route instead. At 20:40 I'm still on my way to Tanah Abang! Oh my God, I'm frustrated! I really should have took the second route instead! I probably should have been in commuter line to Serpong already!

But again, the choice has been made. I've already got the effects of the choice I've made. One of my way to relieve this kinda regret is to remember that I've made the choice and I should have accepted ALL the consequences and accepted that I will arrived later because of it.

You see, this is just a glimpse of the "choice" thing. In fact, it happens everyday. From the smallest scale to the biggest scale that can affect your life. You need to think carefully before making a choice, what will await you if you took the choice. You should think about the probability too (in this case of mine). You also need to listen to your heart. Apparently it will lead you to the right choice. It made me less regretful when I listen to my heart. Although actually it was not the best choice, but I felt at ease.

Lastly, it kinda difficult for me to explain in English, but I'm trying my best here to improve my English. So please pardon me and I hope you get what I've written here.

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