Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

my last day #JejakKesembilan

and today will be my last day as MPM FTUI

thank you for this wonderful year. full of meeting, smile, laughter, friendship, teamwork, a little bit tears and many other.

thanks for budi and aldy for being so nice in our faction.

thanks for ka hadi, ka siddik, farah, nadya, indi, odi, jefri and om in Komisi III, let's do our consolidation again :D

thanks for ka raka, havidz, ka risky, dodi, nugie, ka akur, inez, ka nofri, angga, mia, ka prima, alif, ajung, arry, auri and aldy.

thank you for being part of my family :)

i am sorry for mistakes i have done this year.

i hope our family relationship will keep continue, whoever we are next year and wherever we'll be :)

i am gonna delete one of my wish and change it with my new wishes. cause i have reached it.

i am sorry and thank you so so so so so much :)

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