Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Things You Can Do To Save Energy

  1. Driveless: make fewer trips, use telecommunications and mail instead of going places in person
  2. Use public transportation, walk, or ride a bicycle
  3. Use stairs instead of elevators
  4. Join a car pool or drive a smaller, more efficient car; reduce speed
  5. Insulate your house or add more insulation to the existing amount
  6. Turn thermostats down in the winter and up in the summer
  7. Weatherstrip and caulk around windows and doors
  8. Add storm windows or plastic sheets over windows
  9. Create a windbreak on the north side of your house; plant deciduous tree or vines on the south side
  10. During winter, close windows and drapes at night; during summer days, close windows and drapes if using air conditioning
  11. Turn off lights, television sets and computers when not in use
  12. Stop faucet leaks, especially hot water
  13. Take shorter, cooler showers; install water-saving faucets and shower heads
  14. Recycle glass, metals and paper; compost organic wastes
  15. Eat locally grown food in season
  16. Buy locally made, long lasting materials

Source: Cunningham and Cunningham

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