Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

What friendship means to you?

Friendship means a lot to me. It shows how close i am to my friends. 
Many things i have passed with my best friends. 
Of course there were always good times and bad times. 
We had joy and fun together. 
We laughed together and there were times when we cried together. 

When i had a problem, they were always there to help me through. 
We always shared our stories. And we support each other. 
My best friends always tell me if i did a mistake. 
And they would know how my feeling without asking me a question. 
They will appreciate me when other people mock me. 
And they will be on my side to cheer me up.

I have learned many things from this friendship. 
I have learned how to be a good listener, 
how not for being selfish,
how to care to anybody else and how to appreciate other people. 
When you have learned about these things, 
you will realize how precious are your best friend and you will feel so grateful for it.

Written by me
For middle term writing test
In English subject, 2009

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